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Praise for The Dandelion Chronicles

"This epic fantasy book DELIVERS. Its take is fresh and unexpected, and yet, universal. This author hit it on the nail. I was very pleased, at the edge of my seat at times."

"Absolutely loved it! The Dandelion Tree makes a wonderful introduction into new series that I will be sure to follow. Everything you need in a book and the world-building is amazing!"

"Character development was excellent. A+ for me. The pacing was perfect. The narrative was consistent, never contrived, and the storyline was well thought-out."

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"As a fantasy book, A Land of Fire and Ash meets my requirements: it has magic, monsters, mages, and mystery. The prose is lovely. The storyline was strong."
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Stay on top of the later work in progress for this author. Currently, A.S.R. Gelpi is working on the following books:

  • A Land of Shadows and Moss

  • A Land of Thorns and Whim

  • A Land of Ice and Mist

  • Apples and Pinecones

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