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Unleash Your Imagination with A.S.R. Gelpi

Showcasing A.S.R. Gelpi's epic fantasy series,
The Dandelion Chronicles.

About Us

Delve Into A.S.R. Gelpi’s Fantasy Journey

A.S.R. Gelpi has been writing fantasy stories since the age of twelve but put her dreams aside to pursue her academic degrees. She put her love of literature and her lifelong passion for fantasy into creating the worlds where The Dandelion Chronicles stories take place.


Embark on an Epic Adventure Today

A Land of Shadows and Moss

In this high fantasy, two sisters face a cursed destiny—one bound to a dormant demon, the other tasked with protecting her at any cost.


One man strives to save them, another to destroy them. A tale of coming-of-age, adventure, and political intrigue unfolds in a world where fate weaves a dangerous web.


A.S.R. Gelpi is working on:

In the WORKS!

  • A Land of Shadows and Moss, May 2024

  • The Dandelion Tree, part 1 - release TBD

  • The Dandelion Tree, part 2 - release TBD

  • A Land of Mist and Loss - release TBD

  • A Land of Fire and Ash (2nd ed) - TBD

  • A Land of Salt and Mirth (2nd ed) - TBD

  • A Land of Wind and Thunder (2nd ed) - TBD

  • A Land of Ice and Mist - release TBD

  • A Land of Thorns and Whim - release TBD

  • A Land of Rivers and Frost - release TBD

  • Apples and Pinecones - WIP

  • The Three Rings - WIP

  • A Court of Bread and Butter - WIP


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